2013, KNB Scholarship from Indonesian Gonverment for Foreign Students

toga1Dear foreign students, we would like to inform and invite you to join KNB (Kemitraan Negara Berkembang) Scholarship from Indonesian Government for Foreign Students. This schoolarship is provided for 110 scholarship for Master Degree Program (S2) and 10 scholarship for undergraduate program (S1). You can apply ONLINE by visiting this link www.knb.dikti.go.id This scholarship was opened since January 2013 and will be CLOSED at 30 APRIL 2013. For more information and about the requirement you can download the guidance book below. Have a nice reading and good luck for you.

some important LINK about Scholarship

1. Greetings http://konsultasi.pusku.com/

2. How to apply http://konsultasi.pusku.com/how.html

3. Indonesian at the Glance, guidance book and letter of invitation http://konsultasi.pusku.com/unduh.html

have a  nice reading. Wish you are luck..

The letter from Indonesian government


Guidance Book

Visit This LINK http://konsultasi.pusku.com/unduh.html

Let You Come and Study in Indonesia and Find The Magnificent Of INDONESIA

indonesia indah 3245

The Beautiful Land of Indonesia


The Beautiful Land Of Indonesia

Since INDONESIAN have a lot of Beautiful Scenery


The Big Family of Indonesia at TURKEY


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